dandanthebastilleman replied to your post“I was by myself walking down some stairs in a shopping center..
similar happened to me the other day w/ my sister; we were walking to the bus stop and these 40 year-old builders whistled at us.. such perverts
urg its so disgusting, especially when they are clearly so much older. I got beep-ed at by 7 different lorries when walking along a main road once, it was so off putting 
Anonymous: I don't understand why guys do that, it makes girls feel so uncomfortable and it makes me so fucking angry I'm so sorry it happened to you :* those boys are fucking dickheads

Me neither hunny, but you can’t help but pity them with their massive lack of intelligence. thanks sweetie pie x

weareedsheeran replied to your post“I was by myself walking down some stairs in a shopping center…”

I always try to ignore those guys, shouting something back will only make things worse, but it’s so hard to just let them call you names or even come running after you. Makes me mad that it seems to happen to so many girls. I hope you’re alright xx
It is isn’t it?! I’m not confident enough to say anything anyway haha. its actually so infuriating that it happens to so many people! I’m fine now thanks hunny bee xx
Anonymous: karma's fast you know.. they deserve 10x the shit.. i hope you're okay now love x

they do, but at least they’ll only attract girls that are stupid enough to pay attention to their ignorent ways. I’m fine thanks now sweetie, just angry x

I was by myself walking down some stairs in a shopping center yesterday and at the bottom on a bench there was a group of lads, of whom insisted on staring at me as i went about my own business and as i walked by the started shouting and saying things among themselves and it was so humiliating and i mean there was barely anyone about, but that doesn’t account for how embarrassed they made me feel and if they ever think that’s the social convention of ‘picking up’ a woman then they need a prodigious reality check. It’s so infuriating.